Truly contemporary spaces always feel like they exist outside of time. They seem to arrive fully formed, resolutely new but seemingly possessed already of a deep history, layers of textures, their own secret stories.

At Lambs and Lions we operate in the space beyond the quicksilver whims of the present, creating environments out of a deep intuitive sense of how to make something that will stay modern long after it has been built.

Before we start thinking about how a project might look, we think about how it might feel. We go into space and read it, get a feel for its spirit. What it’s been. What it is now. What it might be. Always alive to its history and context, but never constrained by it, our principal objective is the poetics of a space, its atmosphere and flow, the possibilities it might create, the way in which it might elevate and inspire all who gather there.

Once we have established its intangible essence we then get down to realizing it in wood, stone and ceramic. Aesthetic nomads, we roam through time and place, curating artefacts and objet d’art, sourcing materials that exist in that sweet space between the raw and the refined, commissioning bespoke pieces from a global network of artists, artisans and craftsmen all of them dedicated to the perfect synthesis of form and function.

The result is environments rich with emotional resonance that have caught the imaginations of a generation of travellers. Concrete illustrations of how space can become place.

Lambs and Lions GmbH & Co. KG
Auguststr. 84, 10117 Berlin
T +49 30 966 094 86

Michael Schickinger, Creative Director & Partner
Graeme MacBride, Designer & Partner
Stefan Grüner, Art Director
Kristel Guieb, Interior Designer
Jessica Wang, Interior Designer
Lily Ganotaki, Interior Designer
Julia Braunfels, Interior Designer
Mathilde Garibaldi, FFE Coordinator
Jillian Blank, FFE Coordinator
Sophie Gray, FFE Coordinator
Philipp Schäffler, Finance Director

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Conde Nast Traveler, Wallpaper Magazine
Vogue Uk, Germany, Greece, France
Elledecor, AD, Ignant

Conde Nast Travelers Gold List
Wallpaper Magazine Shortlist Best Urban Hotels
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