The Studio

Lambs and Lions is a multi-disciplinary design studio and creative consultancy based in Berlin. Founded by creative director Michael Schickinger in 2012, the studio specializes in interior architecture, hospitality design, art direction, and branding.

The alchemy of placemaking is rooted in an understanding of human well-being. When a space is able to nurture the mind, inspire rest and reflection, or light the imagination, then it will become more than the sum
of its parts. It will become an emotional experience.

This is the goal for all of Lambs and Lions’ work: crafting poetic, intuitive architectural solutions imbued with serenity and warmth. Solutions that are both aesthetically engaging and emotionally resonant.

Each project is built upon the principle that context defines space. This foundational philosophy allows for a wide range of diverse projects to be connected by a common design language, each with its own curated vocabulary. 



Michael Schickinger
Creative Director & Founder

Before founding Lambs and Lions in 2012, Michael spent two decades working as a designer and art director with a passion for photography, travel, architecture, and art. As the creative director for the studio, he is responsible for guiding the design process of each project from the concept phase through to completion. ‘I approach each project intuitively,’ he says, ‘in order to curate unique narratives and create meaningful connections between context, culture, and design.’


Graeme MacBride
Senior Designer & Partner

Originally from Scotland, Graeme studied architecture before attending the Glasgow School of Art, where he received his Ba in Interior Design. After working in London as an architect in studios specializing in hospitality design, Graeme joined Lambs and Lions in 2017 as a senior designer. ‘In terms of design philosophy,’ Graeme explains, ‘I’m always looking to improve the emotional experience of the end user and the overall quality of the spaces we create.’

Concept Consulting Services

Architectural Guidance
Project Positioning
Cultural Programing
Art de la table
Uniform Design
Art Curation 

Interior Design Services

Concept Design
Schematic Design
Developed Design
Detailed Design
FF&E Procurement
Bespoke Furniture
Site Finalisation
Set up and Styling

Brand Development

Creative Direction
Branding & Identity
Art Direction Photography